NBA 2K17 News: MyCareer Mode Is Coming Early

NBA 2K17 is doing something different come September 9th, though. With "The Prelude," you'll have early access to the basketball game's career mode and will be able to play college games, interact with coaches during the mini-narrative and affect how you'll start MyCareer when the game arrives. More information is shared in U4NBA.
NBA 2K17 was already set to release on September 16 for pre-order customers, which is earlier this year than it ever has in the past. Apparently, 2K Sports wants an even quicker tip-off for the virtual hoops season.
On Friday, 2K announced "The Prelude."
Here's a look at the trailer:

It's a free, downloadable mini-preview of NBA 2K17, but it sounds as if there will be quite a bit to do.
The Prelude releases on September 9–which is one day after the MyNBA2K mobile app on Android and iOS that allows fans to scan their faces for their MyPlayers.
In the Prelude, fans will be able to choose from multiple authentic Division I collegiate programs to start their MyCareer.
They'll have an opportunity to raise their draft stock for the full and upcoming MyCareer experience on NBA 2K17.
There was a similar concept released by 2K before NBA 2K10. It was called the Scouting Combine, but The Prelude sounds like a more verbose experience.

The likeness fans create within the MyNBA2K companion app will transfer to The Prelude with an enhanced level of customization available.
The whole point of The Prelude is to build your MyPlayer’s skills while enhancing his draft stock.
You’ll be able to watch your stock fluctuate with good and bad performances during their college games. We do not know how many games you’ll be able to play just yet.
That information is almost certainly forthcoming. Apparently, the cinematic portion of the MyCareer experience isn’t being left out of The Prelude.
There will be sneak peaks of scenes from the MyCareer journey starring your custom character. Scenes with high school coaches and teammates will be plugged in with an aim to build intrigue for the MyCareer story.
"The incredible excitement during the first week of NBA 2K16’s launch showed us there was an opportunity to connect with even more fans prior to the formal release of NBA 2K17,"said Alfie Brody, VP of Marketing for NBA 2K.
"We think we've given our passionate community something special with this year, and can’t wait to see the response from not only existing fans, but new ones as well."
In addition to the skills-building portion of The Prelude, there will also be a new tutorial mode.
The mode in itself isn't new; It's still called 2KU, which is a feature that has been in the game before, but this year it is voiced by Duke coaching legend and 2016 Team USA basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski.
Coach K's voice is there to help you learn basic basketball strategies and how to apply these concepts within the game.
One potentially overlooked aspect of the news that 2K revealed on Friday could be particularly interesting to fans of historic rosters, teams–and possibly even fans of modes like MyGM and MyLeague.
According to 2K, fans will be able to purchase and download playable all-time-great teams representing each of the playable colleges from The Prelude.
There will also be special collegiate MyTeam cards with legend players from those programs. That’s a bit of a bombshell.
For the first time, NBA 2K is actually delving into DLC for additional teams. That's a pretty significant addition. I've long said I'd be willing to pay for extra teams–as long as they were of some value to the experience.
Not all fans will fill this way. You can bet there will be members of the community that say, the teams should be available from the beginning, and they have a point.
However, this is not much different than the manner by which gamers spend cash for micro-transactions in card-based modes like MyTeam and Ultimate Team.
Hopefully, we'll see players who aren't available in any other area of the game accessible in this DLC.
Being able to use alumni all-star teams in MyGM or MyLeague rosters is exciting for fans like myself who love franchise mode gaming.
As for MyTeam, the addition of a Syracuse version of Carmelo Anthony or a Duke Kyrie Irving only makes sense. Those cards should be especially popular around March.

On a whole, this is titanic news for NBA 2K17. Almost no one expected an announcement of this magnitude so close to launch (September 16 for pre-order customers).
The only way this could go poorly is if there are major issues with The Prelude downloads, or if there are problems with accurate translations from the face-scan mobile app to The Prelude.
If 2K can avoid those potential pitfalls, the deepest sports video game experience in existence just added another layer.
Now, you can jump right to the hardwood on September 20th.
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